Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 Tips For Models To Have More Followers In Twitter

In my long journey on twitter, I followed many accounts of models, hostesses, singers, actresses, etc. as they realize I'm a fan of beautiful girls, there are some who soon were able to get thousands of followers, while others despite having over 1 year in twitter have failed to pass 1,000 followers, if indeed you are interested in obtaining followers on twitter, here I leave these 5 tips that I assure you will get help.

Tip 1 Update

One of the major problems that have accounts with few followers, they believe that just put the hottest picture on your avatar or header of the best photo of your catalog, will be filled with followers, twitter is a social network that average has more than 100,000 tweets per minute if you do not constantly sends tweets or public new photos at least every week, your future in twitter is not very flattering, accounts with thousands of followers, they are always in constant update, it no longer spend weeks to post a photo, they constantly publish photos or interact with their followers, they have realized the importance of renewed day by day.

Tip 2 Mentions

We all know that twitter is one of the most important social networks, but for some models this happens at night, I noticed that they do not have many followers on twitter as just take your diary or notebook, as only tweet the classic good morning, good evening, how are all ?, etc., etc., but never mention someone in your tweet more, this is like putting a note in your room, the probability that someone who is not your friend to read it is very remote, so that your tweets have the opportunity to be seen by more people, mention to your friends or followers, they may give RT and that little detail, your message will be exposed to more people and not just people who can see your TL.

Tip 3 Selfies

Many models stop sending pictures on their timeline, because her do not have new photos in their catalog, or because her photographer does not give her new images or in an extreme case I knew, because his agent does not allow her to send photos that are not your liking, this does nothing to keep you updated and in the memory of the fans, that's why I have seen great selfie models use as an alternate way to send new photos to his followers, many of them to experts in these photos are returned, and with this his followers grow, as they know that at least every week have new images of these beautiful women.

Tip 4 Find a Influencer

In twitter accounts are that are dedicated to accounts mentioned models, this helps a lot to view your account is different timelines, which therefore can attract a lot more people to follow you, looking for patterns among your friends, or other accounts models, those who are influencers, follow them and name them in one or more tweets, so they'll also mention, these accounts have many followers, some even with more than 100,000 followers, this has proven to be an excellent way to get followers many accounts of models. or for few like 5 bucks you can have one on Fiverr

Tip 5 Be Single

I hope I can explain this point to be not misunderstood, I have noticed that when the models begin to mention more of the ordinary to your partner or "representative", increasing fan stops and in some cases, to reduce his followers, there was a famous case of a Colombian model, I know that when she started to mention her ​​boyfriend, an increase of followers, it was on average 1,000 per day, quenched, that is why this tip is not for who say they are single when they are not, or to stop your partner is more than anything to avoid so much about your partner, for it is Facebook or Not?

I hope these tips are useful and I hope you follow me on my twitter account


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