Monday, September 22, 2014

Why not buy followers for Twitter

Some friends models of this website, who have accounts on twitter, asked me whether to buy followers, as you may have noticed lately have been many websites that offer followers, the cost of these services varies from $ 10 dlls to $ 100 dlls depending on the number of followers to be obtained, and most promises that obtained in less than a week, this looks fabulous at first sight, and without much effort you can get many followers, but it has been proven that most of these companies are holders of many fake accounts, most of these accounts only swell our number of followers, but we produce the following disadvantages:

1) Being fake profiles, you will never get interaction, so your tweets will not get many retweets or your account will not get many mentions.

2) The increase of followers without these carry no interaction dramatically lowered the interest of new fans.

3) The accounts bought followers are easy to spot with applications like "Twitter Counter" and "Fakers" which lets us know the amount of inactive and fake followers that exist in your account.

4) Purchased followers, never buy your calendars, photos or products you're promoting, as most are fake accounts

5) If someone reveals the truth, your account will not look very good and will lose a lot of credibility.

In conclusion, I would say that the fans buy brings more harm than good, as only elevate the image of your own, but will not make it grow with real fans, that is why it is better to be promoted on twitter with real fans who buy a lot of followers, if you really want to earn real fans, I invite you to meet fiverr where you can be promoted in twitter accounts to your followers grow naturally but with a little push, click here if you are interested to promote your account


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